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Ola Zanzibar Car Rental was established by Said Ola, a 22 year veteran of Zanzibar’s tourism industry. Ola Zanzibar’s mission is to make rentals and exploring EASY, with the only surprises being how good the service is, and how genuine the smiles are. Unlike most of his competitors, Said located his office in the heart of Stone Town making it easier for his customers to receive the 24/7 service they need. Across the fleet of over 20 vehicles, rates are inclusive of insurances, taxes and mileage with pick-up and drop-off free within the Stone Town precinct, airport and ferry port. No hidden costs. Rental vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at any of the hotels across Zanzibar.

Said knew that his business had to be more than car rental; Ola Zanzibar had to assist its customers in their exploration of Zanzibar. This entailed a more professional approach that focused on flexibility, service reliability, 24 hour support, sharing Said’s 22 years of accumulated knowledge of Zanzibar, its highlights, secrets and driving tips with his clients. Professionals were brought in to train drivers and support staff, preventative maintenance schedules introduced for all vehicles, and a 15 point checklist conducted before each new rental is handed over to the new customer. Even the car wash staff are trained in external inspection of tyres, lights, windscreens and windows. Ola Zanzibar’s fleet of rental vehicles comprises small sedans, small and big 4x4s, minivans for up to 8 passengers, and medium size people movers for groups of up to 24. Customers needing to move sporting equipment such as paddle boards, wind-surfers, kite-boards are easily accommodated.

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We believe in providing service that goes beyond our customer's expectations.
Customer Service

We have a dedicated team that are proactive in their approach on customer service. We actively seek feedback from all our customers to ensure a positive experience all round all over the world.

Free airport pick up and drop off

We are quick and efficient. When you have your luggage in-hand we are a phone call and five minutes away. We will pick you up in your rental, fill out paperwork and you are officially on vacation.

Unbeatable Prices

Getting the cheapest car rentals has never been so easy! Now you can find and book unbelievably cheap car rental to all your travel destinations with just a snap of your finger when booking with Us.

For our Availability on Location

Once you get to Zanzibar, we will give you a phone number to reach us. We are always at your disposal to deal with any problem that pops up or if you simply need advice. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this service!

We’re experts on this tropical paradise

We specialize in long term rentals and cater to the business professional, traveling nurse, and part-time resident. We offer three month minimum rentals for less than $20 a day.

Unlimited Mileage

We offer you an unlimited mileage arrangement so feel free to drive as far as you want during your holidays or business trip. Call us any time in case of breakdown and recovery.

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