Our Terms & Conditions

In the current Rental Agreement, the Renter is the person renting the Vehicle specified in the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Vehicle) from the Rental Company Ola Zanzibar Car Rental (hereinafter referred to as the Company). Note: Like elsewhere around the world. Here in Zanzibar it is the explicit responsibility of the person renting the vehicle to read and be aware of rental agreement.

Driver License

The hirer and/or authorized driver must have held a fall and valid driving license for a minimum of 2 years. Up to and including the time of hire and that license must bear no current to be endorsed for an extra 10 USD valid for one month. We will organize the Zanzibar visitor driving permit on your behalf before arrival in Zanzibar. Please attach your copy of license in order to process it. Note: Tourist driving in Zanzibar need temporary Zanzibar driver permit an international driver license is not working in Zanzibar.


The driver or hire must be over 24 years of age and under 70 years of age. The hirer or driver must also be in possession of a proper means of identification otter the driver license.


All ours vehicles are insured. Note: Rental car insurance will include collision Damage Waiver (CDW). In insurance cover does not include the personal consequences/damages occurred to the renter. Personal property of yours you have to have insured yourself Personal Insurance Medical Insurance or Travel Insurance or any other kind of insurance not include with the vehicle rental.

Fuel Policy

All vehicle have half tank of the fuel at the commencement of the period and must be returned with the same status. If you return the vehicle missing fuel at the end you will be charged for fuel at the local determined price.

Payment & Security

You do not pay anything at the time of make reservation. The fuel price of your reservation is paid at the time of you take the car. We accept all major the Cards. The vehicles must be locked when unattended. The hire is responsible for the security of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure the car is park under watchmen during the night. Most places provide watchmen and car park.

Pick Up Place/Drop Off

Airport/Sea Port/Stone Town Area pick up and drop off free of Charge. Deliver to different resort and hotels on the island please ask for quotation.

Car Hire Agreement

01. The vehicle must be driver by the renter or authorized driver no other person.

02. The vehicle is not allowed to be driven in the sea shore.

03. The responsibility and security of the vehicle will upon the renter for the period of the contract.

04. If the renter breaks the contract he/she will be required to pay 50% of the agreed total cost.

05. The company can break the contract at any time if it is proved that the renter is not keeping the vehicle in good condition such careless driving and alter international damage.

06. The passport or 175 USD it can be used as bond of the car. (Refundable) at end of contract or end of period as a security.

07. Any damage caused by recklessness the renter will compensate accordingly.

08. In the case of extra time will have to pay 5 USD per hour.

09. Fuel and driving permit are excluded in the prices.

10. Mechanical failure is our responsibility.

11. Free Mileage and Break Down.

12. Please note that there will be NO REFUND for NO SHOWS.

13. Bookings cancellations made for bookings within 48 hours will incur the Full cancellation fee.

14. Please check that the dates for your booking are correct before making payments. We are not obligated to change for dates if there is no vehicles available.

15. Pick up and drop off to any beach hotels/locations will incur additional charges.

Driving Tips

01. In Zanzibar driving is on the left hand side of the road.

02. All passengers must use seat belts.

03. For navigation, you’ll either need an off-line application downloaded before your arrival OR we will help you get a local sim-card for which you will need your passport to register. Data is not expensive in Zanzibar.

04. Speed limit in town area is 30-40 km/h. Out of the villages it is 40-60km/h

05. There are many police checkpoints. Most are to look for a road license and Insurance sticker which is located in front mirror on the left side of the windscreen.

06. If the police indicate there is a problem with the vehicle, call us immediately and we will manage the situation.

07. Most of the roads in Zanzibar are single lanes in each direction.

08. Parking in villages is free of charge.

09. In Stone Town the best place to park is at the Old Fort Forodhani and Darajani market where parking fees are USD$o.50c per 30 minutes.

10. 10. Parking on the side of the road is not allowed in Stone Town.

11. If you are staying in Stone Town note that some of the hotels have no car park facilities. Contact Ola Zanzibar for assistance with overnight parking in this case.

12. When driving, if you hear a police siren please pull over. Wait for the line of vehicles, possibly driving very fast, to pass. Most of the time is a government leader or our President.

13. Always remember to give lots of space to the local bus transport (known to us Dala Dala). Zanzibar does not have many formal bus stops so the dala dalas stop randomly and without warning.

14. Always obey the rules of the road, even when you see others not doing so

15. In case of an accident, if possible report to the police AND call us immediately. We will assist straight away. Do not enter into discussions about fault.

16. Avoid leaving valuables in an unattended vehicle.

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